The Vatican

The Vatican is the smallest country in the world. With approximately 840 people living in it and a size of 144 Acres some people own farms bigger than the country. The country is land-locked by Italy and is completely surrounded by the city of Rome. The city is primarily known for being the center of the Christian church, for it houses the pope a.k.a the Bishop of Rome. The Country houses the Sistine Chapel and the ST. Peters Basilica. The country’s economy is supported by tourism if you can believe it. This Country is quite unknown for what it is, this occurred to me when I asked my Latin teacher if he had been there, and all the students looked at me like I had made up a country. The country is also one of the last places where people speak Latin on a daily basis. Considering Latin is the route for five languages and English consist of over half. I believe it is Important.

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