I’m From a Old Lamp

I’m from a old lamp that kept the monsters away

from sparkling water and Brussels sprouts that my mom won’t throw away.

I am from the old oak tree growing into the window

and the lack of moisture always in the air.

I am from a plum tree named flowers

and the trees leaves who never grew from a devastating drought.

I am from Chinese and pizza on Christmas eve

from Ted and Katie.

I’m from the stuffed pig on top of the Christmas tree

and my brother sitting on me

I am from screen peeking

And that’s cheap.

I’m from the monsters under the bed and evil bears

and mom is always right.

I am from the peanut’s movies.

I’m from Austin and Westlake

and chicken nuggets and chicken parmesan.

I’m from my brother double jumping my sister off the trampoline’s net and breaking her arm

and the $1000 under my bed causing my mom to give both my brother and sister $500 because they were angry that I was richer

than them.

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