Expository: Why I hate Monday

“BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” Oh great… Oh no… No! No! No! It can’t be monday again, the worst day in existence.

For instance Monday is annoying, because you are tired-drowsy even from staying up late and being at activities. For example you may of had a huge project that you spent the whole weekend on and yet, you forgot it due to tiredness. Monday can be Rough!

Regardless of all of this, Teacher still pack the homework on your day back from a two-day long vacation. Tiredness combined with homework go hand in hand on the “PAAAIIIIINNNNNN TRRRAAAIIIIINNNNN!” For example one hour of alert homework is equivalent to three hour of tired-sleepy homework.

Honestly, Monday has no one given thing that make it terrible- it’s just a combo of every bad thing combined. Whether it’s the tired-homework combo, or the classic forgot-your-homework and your mind can’t come up with a excuse combo, or anything else. Mondays can also not be eliminated because you know what comes in the next seven day-well-“Beep! Beep! Beep!”

2 thoughts on “Expository: Why I hate Monday

  1. I also think Monday is the worst day of the week.I think that the only good thingabout it is that in my school we enter at almost nine. we enter at 8 except on monday.

  2. I hate Mondays to because you always get to much homework and you always have to listen to the teacher talk even though your not listening.

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