It is a Small World

Thai, how are you, this is one of the many weird things that makes Austin, Texas a interesting place to live.

Austin is a interesting place because there is always something new or weird. For instance, as I said earlier have you ever seen a frog painted on a small Thai-food restaurant that greets you with “Hi how are you.”

Also Austin is where cowboys meet hipsters. The culture of Austin is unlike no other. Events like Austin-City-Limits Music Festival, and a pool maintained by a natural spring are some attractions not seen anywhere else. Austin has many local businesses you wouldn’t see many other places.

From frogs to blogs Austin always has something new. Austin is sitting just out of the top ten in population and has a average age 4 years below the average U.S age. So if your ever in Texas; you should stop on by.

One thought on “It is a Small World

  1. I like the image of “where cowboys meet hipsters.” Sounds like a great place to live. My nephew is a teaching assistant at UT, He loves it!

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