About Me

15 things about me

1. I like roses.

2. I am 80% German And 20% Scottish and Irish.

3. I am the youngest kid in my family.

4. I’ve visited Europe

5. I prefer red roses because who likes violet roses?

6. I like sarcasm.

7. I have strange liking of are feathered friend

8. I love salt.

9. I really hate fish.

10. Tech is fun.

11. Both my Parents work at UT

12. I have Season tickets for UT football, Go longhorns!

13. I cannot organize a binder,

14. I love drawing model through a computer.

15. I tend to like to screw around.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Hey Billy!
    I didn’t know that you like roses. Personally I think that’s awesome. Roses have a lot of symbolism for me. I agree with you with #5. Red roses are fantastic. Violet roses are not. So, both your parents work at UT? That’s really cool. A few of my family members work at UT too. Hey, maybe they know each other.

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