Sharknado 2, The Aftershark

Filming has just begun for Sharknado 2, The Aftershark. This time it is staged in New York, and is just as low budget as the first one. Its coming out this summer and I highly recommend you watch it. Sharknado might not have good stage direction, effects, playwright, or even good actors but, where else are you gonna find a TORNADO OF SHARKS!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway looking forward to it and hope you are too.


Sharknado came out last summer in 2012. It is the most hilarious movie ever. Basically a hurricane (even though it’s technically a typhoon because it’s in the Pacific Ocean but they don’t care) that washes sharks through the city of LA and after the city floods tornados form made of sharks. The main character, who is a guy who owns a bar that would resemble hooters, realizes that he can use a helicopter to drop bombs to blow up the sharknadoes. It is extremely low budget as you might tell. You know how in some movies they have family fights which are cheesy but they are well set up. well, in this movie the daughter is just like “dad and mom you care to much about you son instead of your daughter and your daughter is me.” one thing that gets on my nerves is that the never explain how they can make bombs in a hardware store and if they drop them somehow they tornado just blows up like poof!

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