Red Vs. Blue


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RvB Season 11. Digital image. Red Vs Blue Wiki. N.p., n.d. Web.

Red Vs. Blue is what built Roosterteeth. They started 11 years ago as just a simple web series. Now you can buy all 11 series on iTunes and on CD. They have their current headquarters at Austin, TX and they are growing bigger. Red Vs. Blue is a Halo Series that started with Halo 1. The first 3 or so seasons though are not so good compared to 7-11. This is due to the fact that¬† they had crappy recording equipment. currently on episode 11 season 11 which ended on a huge cliff hangar. so if you want to start watching. start watching soon because it’s about to get good.

2 thoughts on “Red Vs. Blue

  1. Billy I absolutely LOVE roosterteeth. All I wish is that I could go to the roosterteeth expo. I am wondering who is you favorite person at roosterteeth? My favorite person is Ray, GO ROSES!!!!!!. Also free Edgar 2013!!!!!!!!

    • I’d Have to say either Ray or Joel. Ray is why i love roses but I also love caboose. BTW I Also wan’t to go to Roster-teeth expo talk to me about it.

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