My Seventh Grade Year

When I came here in August, I expected a easy and painless year. How hard could seventh grade be? But, I was dead wrong. I soon realized that this would be a long year. By October I never had free time. There was always something school related to do. Even on the no homework night I was catching up. Late starts just let me sleep in 30 minutes. But, I realized that there was time in the cracks of the day that I could do homework. In the seventh grade I learned that you should not procrastinate because you just dig a bigger hole of homework. Always do extra credit because the extra boost really helps. Lastly I learned that teachers will always help you. If I could do it again my advice would be never ever ever procrastinate.


Leaders are the ones jump in feet first.

Leaders carve out the path for others.

Leaders are quick thinkers and even faster improviser.

Leaders are not always adored but always followed.

Leaders show compassion and malice when it is due.

Leaders are loyal to anyone who shows loyalty to them.

Leaders never flinch, or stutter.

Leaders are the risk-takers.

Leaders are the ones who we follow.