My Favorite Game

All I ever wanted when I was eight was a Pokemon game. I had seen my brother play every game they had released. Blue, red, gold, silver, yellow, sapphire, ruby, emerald, you name it. Any Pokemon game that existed he had played. All I wanted was Pokemon Pearl, and soon my dreams would become true.It was a rainy afternoon, my favorite weather, and it was my birthday. I saw on top of a very small pile of gifts a small square shaped  box wrapped in a vibrant orange paper. As i opened it i caught a glimpse of purple-pinkish and eggshell-white Pokemon. I immediately knew what i had received had in my hands.

It was the best game I had ever played. Nothing could compare to the sheer fun of the game. It has all new Pokemon, and even a separate island to go to after you beat the game. While I played it I was able to challenge friends, family and even random people. Nothing matches the joy of beating you older brother on his own game. Thats why I have the friends I have today. Without it I don’t know where i would’ve ended up today.

One thought on “My Favorite Game

  1. Pokemon is an amazing game that i still like to play today. I never got to play it when i was really young, but when I was 9 i got a DS and Pokemon Heart Gold. I played that game for around 300 hours, and i could hardly put it down. The first time playing a Pokemon game is magical.

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